The Derbyshire Oatcake seems to be a rather well kept secret of the culinary world! Whilst most people have heard of the Bakewell Pudding (definitely not tart, unless you are Mr Kipling!) the humble oatcake is less well known.

Derbyshire oatcakes have been around since the 17th Century. As their name suggests they are made from oats which grew well in the harsh Pennine landscape and were a cheap source of food for working people. They are best described as a cross between a crumpet and a pancake – round, soft, and thicker than their more famous Staffordshire counterparts.

Farmer’s Breakfast with oatcakes

One of the most popular ways to eat them is to have them fried – we like to fry them in the bacon fat when cooking a farmer’s breakfast. They also make a really tasty lunch, topped with grated cheese, grilled and then rolled. You could even say they were the original wrap!

Still made locally to a traditional recipe they are available in most butchers, bakers, and village shops throughout the Peak District. So, when you are cooking your full English breakfast whilst staying in Littonfields Barn, don’t forget to include some Derbyshire Oatcake!

Derbyshire Oatcakes